Many Years of Excellence

Established in 1963, Tanzifco is one of the leading cleaning service providers in the Middle East with its branches spreading across the region. Tanzifco prides itself on providing complete range of services starting from waste management to commercial cleaning. We have since become one of the leading service providers having earned an excellent reputation in quality and timely delivery of services.

We provide our clients a variety of service packages to suit their needs and preferences. Having an exceptional performance in the industry for decades, Tanzifco has mastered the art and craft of intelligent and detailed cleaning providing efficient and impressive results. In addition, Tanzifco is also accredited by international institutions. We are a quality driven, ISO certified organization. Our service has improved by having met the standards of BICSCs and CMI. We continually aim to progress successfully, relying on our growing experience in the field.

Our Employees are Our Assets

Going green also means reducing energy in the industry. Green cleaning is the future, and our most important assets are not only our materials and equipment, but also our reliable and efficient employees. Tanzifco provides in-house training to its employees, making sure to offer a professional and reliable service staff with high standards, extensive preparation and positive disposition.

While You Mind Your Business, We PrioritiZe You

Behind every success is a dedicated team of individuals committed to hard work and results. It is our pleasure to be affiliated with the most reputable companies and organizations in the whole Middle East. While you do all the talking, we do the cleaning. Do your job well and leave the rest to us. We are sure to take care of you all day, every day.